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I am a technology entrepreneur. LinkedIn profile is here.
I am an investor or advisor to companies including Airbnb, Airtable, Anduril, Applied Intuition, Brex, Checkr, Coinbase, dbt Labs, Deel, Figma, Flexport, Gitlab, Gusto, Instacart, Navan, Notion, Opendoor, PagerDuty, Pinterest, Retool, Rippling, Samsara, Square, Stripe
I am involved with AI companies like Braintrust, Character, Harvey, Mistral, Perplexity, Pika, and others
I am a co-founder of Color Health.  
I was co-founder and CEO of Mixer Labs, which was acquired by Twitter. I was a VP at Twitter who ran products like search and geo & focused on scaling the company from 90 to 1500 people.  
I worked at Google, started their mobile team, and worked on AdSense.  
You can read my blog for latest updates.

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